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Can I bring my dog? As much as we'd love to see your pupper at the race, pets are not allowed at the event.

Are strollers permitted on the trails? For safety reasons, strollers are not permitted on the trails. The course is narrow in certain sections and there will be two-way traffic.

Where can I park? Parking is available next to the trails at Sebago Brewing Company and will be free.

Will the event be rescheduled if there is bad weather? The Donut Dash will happen rain or shine. At least there won't be snow!

How many donuts will I get? Individual participants will get one box of 12 sugar dusted mini donuts from Eighty8 Donut Caf​e. Teams will get one box of 12 mini donuts to share, and Mini Monster Dash racers will get a box of 6 mini donuts!

What kind of donuts will I be eating? Sugar dusted donuts will be available made by Eighty8 Donut Cafe. There will not be any gluten-free donuts, so if you are gluten-free bring a friend to scarf them down for you!

Do I have to eat all the donuts at once? Competitive 5-mile racers must eat all donuts at the halfway point of the race before continuing. Recreational 2.5-mile dashers and Mini Monster Dashers will be given donuts at the end of the race to consume whenever they choose.

How does the event work if I sign up as a team? Great question! If you choose to run the 5-mile competitive race, your team will run/walk together as a group for the first 2.5 miles. Then, you will share one box of 12 Eighty8 Donut Cafe mini donuts. Split them evenly or bring a donut lover to eat the majority of them. How you share them is completely up to your team! Then, your whole team will run/walk the final 2.5 miles together. If you choose to run the 2.5-mile recreational race, your team can run/walk together and receive your donuts at the end. 

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