Can I bring my dog? As much as we'd love to see your pupper at the race, pets are not allowed at the event.

Where can I park? Parking is available next to the trails at Sebago Brewing Company and will be free.

Will I need to wear a mask? Mask wearing is completely up to you! They are not required.

How many donuts will I get? Individual participants will get one box of 15 sugar dusted, mini-donuts from Eighty8 Donut Cafe. Teams will get one box of 15 mini-donuts to share. Mini Monster Dash racers will get a box of six mini-donuts!

Do I have to eat all the donuts at once? No, you don't have to eat all your donuts, that's why they're in boxes!

What kind of donuts will I be eating? "Sugar Dusted" donuts will be available made by yours truly, Eighty8 Donut Cafe. (There will not be any gluten-free donuts so if you are gluten-free, bring a friend to scarf them down for you!) 

How does the event work if I sign up as a team? Great question! Your team will run/walk together as a group for the first 2.5 miles. Then, you will share one box of 15 Eighty8 Donut Cafe mini donuts. Split them evenly or bring a donut lover to eat the majority of them. How you share them is completely up to your team! Then, your whole team will run/walk the final 2.5 miles together.